We’re glad you’re wondering about the Hatch Club!  Joining the club is a breeze.  Just purchase Hatch embroidery software through our website and/or use the promo code SELECT19.  That’s all!


All ready have Hatch, and just need a membership?  You can purchase a subscription using the button below.

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You’ll get great perks such as:

  • Free LIVE technical support
  • Free training
  • Free EMB format stock designs
  • Free ESA format embroidery fonts
  • …and more on the way

That’s a great value to add to the already great Hatch Embroidery software, and at no additional charge!  If you are already a Hatch Club member hover over the Hatch Club menu above, and choose “Hatch Club Perks” in the extended menu.  You can also click the button below to see the perks.  Win-win either way!

Show Me The Hatch Club Perks!!!


Please contact us at hatchsales@selectimprintgroup.com, if you are unable to access the Hatch Club Perks page, but feel that you should  Otherwise, you can purchase a membership for the Hatch Club.


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