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Hatch Embroidery Composer


Hatch Embroidery Composer


Buying and customizing designs is a great place to start, but there is nothing quite like creating your very own unique embroidery designs quickly and easily.


Take creative control by editing and customizing everything to your individual style with professional monogramming, lettering and more.


Hatch Embroidery Composer is really the all-in-one embroidery package for those who want to be highly creative without learning the art of digitizing.


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  • Auto-digitize your artwork
  • 63 professionally digitized fonts for lettering
  • Use TrueType and OpenType fonts
  • 85 professionally designed monogram templates
  • 385 Ornaments and 80 Borders included
  • 281 Motifs, 149 Fills, 59 Carving Stamps and 9 Buttonholes included
  • Multi-hooping in just 1 click
  • Fast and accurate resizing
  • Powerful object editing
Hatch Composer Key Feature 1

The Click-to-Stitch Auto-Digitizing is like child’s play. Take an existing artwork and create beautiful embroidery designs without the technical know-how. It is more powerful, yet simpler than ever before.

Multi-hooping in just 1 click! You can set multiple hoops, split the design into sewing fields and output the design to multiple files, each with just 1 click. Hoopings can now be viewed before you finish to save time and get the perfect result.

Hatch Composer Key Feature 2
Hatch Composer Key Feature 3

The Layout toolbox delivers endless design possibilities. You may want to simply define your work area and quickly layout your design block. Get more creative with 5 easy ways to mirror objects or your entire design. You can even take a single object and create a stunning Medallion effect.

Resizing your designs is fast and accurate, but don’t forget the incredible object editing features. You can reshape objects, add/remove stitch angles, branch them to prevent unwanted jumps, and of course, break-apart combined objects or lettering. The knife tool now cuts both filled and outline design objects.

Hatch Composer Key Feature 4
Hatch Composer Key Feature 5

Sequencing is now more powerful as you can view objects and colors together. Changing the stitching order has turned a chore into a pleasure. You must experience this for yourself.

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