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Hatch Embroidery Customizer

$199.00 USD

Hatch Embroidery Customizer


Make it personal and customize the world around you. Add professional monograms and lettering to your embroidery projects. Create new designs or take an existing one and style it your way. 60 professional digitized fonts and 69 monogram templates to get you started.



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  • World class professional lettering – 60 digitized fonts included
  • Use TrueType and OpenType fonts
  • Many lettering layout and endless size options
  • Basic editing and reshaping of lettering with ease
  • Create quality monograms – 69 professional templates included
  • Many monogram borders and ornaments to choose from
  • Choose your fabric and Hatch automatically presets for the best results
  • Stabilizer recommendations are automatically provided too
  • Change colors in your design with 2 clicks
  • Customize your designs with a few simple clicks
  • Set up your software with your own working area colors to make it easier for you to see
  • Manage your own thread charts and assign them to your desired brand
  • Combine designs in one work space
  • Auto-optimize designs for the best stitch out
  • Save designs to the exclusive .EMB format for future editing
  • Export one or many designs at once to your own machine format.
  • Stay organized and never lose your designs again by linking them in Design Manager
  • Need more help? Just hover and click the F1 key and go directly to the extensive online documentation for that feature
  • Add additional professional font packs when you need something new


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