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Hatch Embroidery Digitizer

$1,099.00 USD

Hatch Embroidery Digitizer


Digitizing software designed for amateur and experienced users. Everyone can now create beautiful embroidery designs with both manual and auto-digitizing tools, monograms, lettering and so much more and achieve professional quality results.


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  • Choose your fabric and Hatch automatically presets for the best results
  • World class professional lettering – 86 digitized fonts included
  • Create quality monograms – over 60 professional templates included
  • True manual Digitizing with professional quality results
  • Digitizing tools for open and closed shapes
  • Tatami and fill stitch types
  • Outline/Run stitch types
  • Digitize, fill and remove holes
  • Backtrack and repeat stitching
  • Branch objects
  • Auto-Digitize 8 different ways with just a few clicks
  • Appliqué creativity tools
  • Break Apart tool for lettering, monograms and objects
  • Knife tool allows you to cut objects apart
  • Freehand for those real artists to shine
  • Create and use Motif fill and run
  • Ambience quilting
  • Color blending
  • Optimize color changes
  • Resequence on the go or automatically by color


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