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Hatch Embroidery Organizer


Hatch Embroidery Organizer

Buying 100’s of embroidery designs is fun but finding it on your PC can be like looking for an embroidery needle in a haystack.


This is the perfect embroidery starter experience. Organize your design files in a friendly library so that you do not lose them. Convert/export designs to the machine format you need. Choose the fabric and the software will automatically recommend the best stabilizer as well as set all the optimal stitch settings. It feels like someone is there to hold your hand while you learn.


Hatch Embroidery Organizer takes away the hassles and gives you the confidence to enjoy your machine embroidery and just have fun!


Please choose 'Select Imprint' at checkout.Thank you for selecting Select Imprint when purchasing Hatch.


  • Search and manage designs easily
  • Convert to most popular file formats
  • Resize designs accurately
  • Edit and optimize design colors
  • Auto-Fabric adjusts pull-compensation and density
  • Stabilizer recommendation
Hatch Organizer Key Feature 1

Search your entire PC in seconds and view the designs without opening them up. Easy!

Want to do basic customizing? You can edit and optimize design colors and even change your thread brand to match.

Hatch Organizer Key Feature 2
Hatch Organizer Key Feature 3

Convert your design to most popular machine formats.

Resizing is incredibly fast and accurate, and you can easily adjust the density too.

Hatch Organizer Key Feature 4
Hatch Organizer Key Feature 5

Auto-Fabric will save you a lot of time and effort by automatically adjusting the underlay, pull compensation and density settings for your fabric. It will even recommend the best stabilizer to get that quality result!

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