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Hatch Embroidery Personalizer


Hatch Embroidery Personalizer


Turn your ready-made items into unique custom-made masterpieces in just a few easy steps.


Add professional monograms and lettering to your embroidery projects. Create new designs or take an existing one and style it your way. 63 professionally digitized fonts and 85 monogram templates to get you started.


Hatch Embroidery Personalizer stamps your individual style on the world around you.



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  • 63 professionally digitized fonts for lettering
  • Use TrueType and OpenType fonts
  • 85 professionally designed monogram templates
  • 385 Ornaments and 80 Borders included
  • 281 Motifs, 149 Fills, 59 Carving Stamps and 9 Buttonholes included
  • Search and manage designs easily
  • Resize designs accurately
  • Convert to most popular file formats
Hatch Personalizer Key Feature 1

Adding the finest quality lettering has never been this easy and with 63 professionally digitized fonts included, you will find one to suite your unique style. You can even reshape letters to design your very own “creative text”.

Looking for more? Professionally digitized font packs can be purchased. Download endless TrueType/OpenType fonts to your computer.

Hatch Personalizer Key Feature 2
Hatch Personalizer Key Feature 3

Want to add a monogram? With over 85 templates, simply add your own lettering and you are ready to sew or design your very own using the 385 Ornaments and 79 Borders.

Organizing all your designs can be troublesome, but with the Design Library you can search your entire PC and find the right one in seconds, ready for fast and accurate resizing or changing blocks of color or even thread colors.

Hatch Personalizer Key Feature 4
Hatch Personalizer Key Feature 5

Ready to stitch? Simply click and convert to the most popular file formats for your machine.

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