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Hatch Font Pack 10 – Script #2

$79.00 USD

Hatch Font Pack 10 – Script #2


This pack contains 3 fonts. Small scripts! That’s what the Script #2 font collection is all about, providing a variety of script fonts that can be stitched at ½” and still be readable.

Not compatible with Hatch Embroidery Basics or Organizer.


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Recommended Stitch Sizes:

Font Min. Max. Great To Use When
Lila 0.4 in, 10mm 1.5 in, 35mm Short height with capital letters that are a bit funky. You’ll enjoy using this font that is a little on the heavy side and still readable.
Python Script
0.4 in, 10mm 2.0 in, 50mm A little on the vintage side, but quite modern, this font is great to use when you want a slight calligraphy look.
Vivid Script 0.5 in, 12mm 2.0 in, 50mm Bright, bouncy and glowing is how we describe this font. Looks good at ½”–2”.


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