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Hatch Font Pack 11 – 3D Puffy #2

$79.00 USD

Hatch Font Pack 11 – 3D Puffy #2

This pack contains 4 fonts. The 3D Puffy #2 font collection provides four new fonts for use with foam. You’ll enjoy using these on hats, wall art, and other projects that needs that 3D look.
Not compatible with Hatch Embroidery Basics or Organizer.


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Recommended Stitch Sizes:

FontMin.Max.Great To Use When
3D Foam Emphatic
0.8 in, 20mm2.0 in, 50mmThis font recalls the kind you’d use for handwritten cross-stitch puzzles! It makes nice bold block fonts when used with foam.
3D Foam Futuro
0.8 in, 20mm2.0 in, 50mmTo get that stencil look, this is the font to use.
3D Foam London0.8 in, 20mm12.4 in, 60mmClean lines, yet with a sophisticated look, this is what you’ll get with the London font when combined with foam.
3D Foam Sofachrome0.8 in, 20mm1.2 in, 30mmWant that ‘techno’ look? This font will give you just that when stitched out with foam.


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