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Hatch Font Pack 4 – Décor’

$79.00 USD

Hatch Font Pack 4 – Décor’


This is a great collection for often used lettering in home décor’ decorations.

  • Arial Rounded Block gives a modern look.
  • Empress is good to use when you don’t want a script font but you want that fancy slanted look.
  • Border Block 2 is a two-color block, all upper case letters font.


Hatch Customizer, Hatch Creator, or Hatch Digitizer required.


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Recommended Stitch Sizes:

FontMin.Max.Great To Use When
Arial Rounded0.32 in, 8mm2.0 in, 50mmPerfect for a modern look.
Empress0.5 in, 13mm2.4 in, 60mmPerfect for a fancy slanted look without a script font.
Border Block 20.5 in, 13mm1.5 in, 38mmAll upper case letters in a two-color block.


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