• Hatch Font Pack 6
  • Hatch Font Pack 6
  • Hatch Font Pack 6
  • Hatch Font Pack 6
  • Hatch Font Pack 6

Hatch Font Pack 6 – 3D Puffy Foam

$79.00 USD

Hatch Font Pack 6 – 3D Puffy Foam


To create the perfect 3-dimensional embroidery fonts, you need special 3D puffy foam fonts. This looks especially good on hats and wall hangings where you want to add a little more depth.

The embroidery puffy foam is usually 2-3mm thick so you cannot simply add the foam to regular lettering.

The font needs to be digitized specifically with 3D foam in mind. If not, your ends will not cut or pull of well and the foam will push through the ends.

It’s really simple to use puffy foam fonts. Just follow these 3 easy steps.

  • Lay the foam on top of the hoop and make sure if covers the complete embroidery area
  • Stitch the embroidery
  • Gently pull away the foam

Create some cool new projects with this and have fun!


Hatch Customizer, Hatch Creator, or Hatch Digitizer required.


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Recommended Stitch Sizes:

Font Min. Max. Great To Use When
3D Block 2 0.6 in, 15mm 1.2 in, 30mm
3D Brush Script 0.8 in, 20mm 1.6. in, 40mm
3D Monoglyceride 0.8 in, 20mm 1.2 in, 30mm


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