• Hatch Font Pack 7
  • Hatch Font Pack 7
  • Hatch Font Pack 7

Hatch Font Pack 7 – Block


Hatch Font Pack 7 – Block


These are the “go to” font style that is extremely versatile and perfect for a large variety of projects.

Block fonts are easy to read and this one is available in bold, thin, fancy and outlines. It includes a traditional block, modern block as well as an outline block.

It works on a number of stitch types and looks great when creating an embossed stitch type look, giving your project a unique identity.


Not compatible with Hatch Embroidery Basics or Organizer.


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Recommended Stitch Sizes:

FontMin.Max.Great To Use When
Advent0.4 in, 10mm2.0 in, 50mmThis Sans-Serif uppercase block font will give you a contemporary look. Great to use for wall art and backpacks. This is a medium size font and should not be used above 2 inches (50mm) unless you turn on Auto-Split or Embossed Satin.
Kabel0.25 in, 6mm2.4. in, 60mmKabel will give you a book print look. It’s readable at a small size of 0.25 inches (6mm). It looks great when used with the circle baseline to give a curved look to your project’s fonts.
Swiss Run Hollow0.6 in, 15mm2.7 in, 40mmAn outlined font that can be used in many projects. It’s a run stitch and great to use when you want a hand-stitched look. It also works good for large size fonts up to 4 inches (100mm). In order to retain the hand-stitch look, this font should be stitched as digitized and not stitched as closest join. It is uppercase only and is a fun font to break apart in the Creator or Digitizer levels and play with adding different outline lines and multiple colors.

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